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Proposition d’un stage Master CSMP

  • Titre : Dynameric membranes for facilitated transport of ethylene
  • Mots-clefs : Dynamers, membranes, gaz transport.
  • Résumé du travail relatif au stage : Among the industrial methods used for purifying the ethylene (absorbtion, distillation, etc.), the membrane technology, offering advantages such energy saving, simple design and scale-up, is continuously growing. High permeability whilst keeping a reasonable selectivity is the most important challenge in developing membranes for gas separation, usually obtained with polymeric membranes for which the gas transport is controlled by the gas-diffusivity in glassy polymers and by gas-solubility in rubbery polymers. De novo design of synthetic membrane materials have been identified as emerging area of interest. The combination/replacement of classical glassy polymers with crystalline MOFs, ZIFs or zeolites provide molecularly controlled permeability and selectivity. However, important difficulties are observed to get mechanically stable and homogeneous layers on various supports. Taking advantage of high permeabilities observed with the rubbery polymers and to their flexible casting properties we decided to build alternative Rubbery Organic Frameworks-ROFs, as new gas membrane separation systems. For all these reasons, in this study, nanometric macro-monomers and core connectors have been used to conceive dense ROFs for the preparation of dynameric membranes for selective gas transport.

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