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Dr. Stéphanie ROUALDES

Stéphanie Roualdes received her PhD in Material Science in 2000 at the University Montpellier 2. Following a post-doctoral fellowship at the Department of Chemical Engineering (University of Bath, United Kingdom), she became Assistant Professor in 2002 at the University of Montpellier (UM). She has been teaching on physico-chemistry (electrochemistry, thermodynamics, analytical chemistry) and material science and leading a master formation on materials since 2005. As an academic researcher at European Membrane Institute (IEM), its main research interests are the synthesis/modification by plasma CVD/treatment and characterization of hybrid or polymeric thin layers and membranes for use in environment and above all energy-related applications (low temperature fuel cells and (photo-) electrolysis devices). These research activities have been carried out in the frame of 19 institutional projects, have led to 66 publications in refereed journals (48 in A-level journals), 5 patents and 5 chapters in books, and have involved 46 non-permanent staff (9 PhD) under her supervision (update in October 2018). In terms of collective/administrative responsibilities, Stéphanie Roualdès has been treasurer of the regional board of the SCF since 2002, deputy director of the Chemistry Master and the Chemistry Teaching Department at UM since 2016 and responsible for the DM3 Department of IEM since 2017.

ORCID: 0000-0002-7201-8125

  • Phone : +33 4 6714 9181
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Last update: November 2018