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Prof. Gérald POURCELLY

After graduating as Chemist qualified to the level of Engineer (ESCIL, Lyon, 1970) Gerald POURCELLY obtained his Ph.D in the domain of electrochemistry of anhydrous NH3-HF mixtures (INSA-Lyon, 1976). Then he studied the physico-chemistry and electrochemistry of molten salts before joining the Laboratory of Solar Energy at Ajaccio (Corsica) as Associated Professor in 1982. He worked specifically in the storage of low temperature energy. In 1986, he joined the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Polyphasic Systems (Director Prof B Brun, University of Montpellier) in the research group of Dr C Gavach to strengthen the studies on ion-exchange membranes and electromembrane processes. Appointed Professor in 1993, he initiated international collaborations with Russia and Canada. Deputy Director of the Laboratory of Materials and Membrane Processes (1998-2002, Director L Cot) he was Director of the European Membrane Institute (UMR 5635 ENSC/UM/CNRS) from 2003 to 2010. In the energy domain, he was cluster leader of “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen” in the CNRS Energy program (2004-2010), Director of the CNRS research grouping 3339 “Fuel Cells and Systems” (2010-2013), President of the steering Committee of the French National Research Agency program “H-PAC” and Representative “Energy” at the CNRS Institut de Chimie (2012-2015). In the electromembrane processes domain, he was Director of the French-Russian International Associated Laboratory (2011-2014). Associated Professor at University Laval (Quebec 2006-2016), he was member of the editorial boards of “Journal of Membrane Science”, and “Desalination & Water Treatment”. Conference chairman of “Euromed & Desalination Strategies 2006” and “Euromembrane 2009” at Montpellier, he published 150 papers in international journals (WoS h-32) among which 125 dedicated to membranes and presented more than 55 invited conferences or keynotes.
Distinctions: Semenov medal from the Russian Academy for Engineering Science (2013), Doctor Honoris Causa of the Kuban State University (Krasnodar, Russia 2014) and the Mendeleev University (Moscow, 2016); Senior Distinguished Member of “The French Chemical Society” (2015).

Key-words: Electrochemistry and physical-chemistry of interfaces. Ion-exchange membranes and associated processes, Fuel cells.

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