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Elaboration engineering of polymer membranes by phase separation processes

works carried out on different phase separation processes for the elaboration of organic membranes (wet process, vapor induced phase separation process, temperature induced phase separation process) aim to study the relationship between formulation and elaboration parameters, mass and heat transfers and the structuration of polymer membranes to control their final properties.

The application area of elaborated polymer materials range from gas permeation for dense membranes to water treatment for porous membranes.

Comparison between the SEM observed structures of membranes PEI-NMP-eau (% wt. PEI = 12 and 20 %) and the simulation of concentration profiles of PEI on the membrane cross-section.

Contacts :

Denis BOUYER, Céline POCHAT-BOHATIER, Catherine FAUR, Jean-Pierre MERICQ