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Prof. Philippe MIELE (IEMM) and Dr. Umit B. DEMIRCI (IEMM), in collaboration with Dr. François GARIN (University of Strasbourg) have co-edited, as Guest Editors, a special issue (Year 2011, Volume 170), entitled “catalysis in hydrolysis of sodium borohydride and ammonia borane, and electrocatalysis in oxidation of sodium borohydride”, in Catalysis Today:

The idea of this Special Issue was born out of fruitful seminars and discussions in 2010 with several colleagues expert in catalysis, who pertinently remarked that many of the papers about [the] reactions [hydrolysis of sodium borohydride and ammoniaborane, thermolysis of ammoniaborane and derivatives, and electrooxidation of sodium borohydride and ammoniaborane] are published in journals which aims and scopes are not primarily catalysis. This Special Issue is thus an opportunity to gives the (electro-)catalysis community an overview of the fundamental and technical problems that hinder the development of efficient, selective, durable catalysts” (from Catal. Today 170 (2011) 1-2), which are used to dehydrogenate these boron-based chemical hydrogen storage materials. “We hope that this Special Issue will open a wider discussion that might be helpful for all in better understanding the catalyst role and the reaction mechanisms, in improving the catalyst durability and selectivity, and in generating new ideas for the elaboration of supported catalysts with prospects of scale-up” (from Catal. Today 170 (2011) 1-2).

In this issue, 21 high-quality papers from different authors have been published. These are reported below:

-  Catalysis in hydrolysis of sodium borohydride and ammonia borane, and electrocatalysis in oxidation of sodium borohydride, Pages 1-2, Umit B. Demirci, Philippe Miele, François Garin

-  Ex situ characterization of N2H4-, NaBH4- and NH3BH3-reduced cobalt catalysts used in NaBH4 hydrolysis, Pages 3-12, S. Cavaliere, J. Hannauer, U.B. Demirci, O. Akdim, P. Miele

-  Langmuir–Hinshelwood kinetic model to capture the cobalt nanoparticles-catalyzed hydrolysis of sodium borohydride over a wide temperature range, Pages 13-19, J. Andrieux, U.B. Demirci, P. Miele

-  Enhanced hydrogen production by hydrolysis of NaBH4 using “Co-B nanoparticles supported on Carbon film” catalyst synthesized by pulsed laser deposition, Pages 20-26, N. Patel, R. Fernandes, N. Bazzanella, A. Miotello

-  Effect of trapped hydrogen on the induction period of cobalt–tungsten–boron/nickel foam catalyst in catalytic hydrolysis reaction of sodium borohydride, Pages 27-32, Hong-Bin Dai, Yan Liang, Ping Wang

-  Ni–Co–B catalyst-promoted hydrogen generation by hydrolyzing NaBH4 solution for in situ hydrogen supply of portable fuel cells, Pages 33-39, Chuan Wu, Ying Bai, Dan-Xian Liu, Feng Wu, Mei-Li Pang, Bao-Lian Yi

-  Durability and reutilization capabilities of a Ni–Ru catalyst for the hydrolysis of sodium borohydride in batch reactors, Pages 40-49, A.M.F.R. Pinto, M.J.F. Ferreira, V.R. Fernandes, C.M. Rangel

-  Hydrogen generation from coupling reactions of sodium borohydride and aluminum powder with aqueous solution of cobalt chloride, Pages 50-55, Hong-Bin Dai, Guang-Lu Ma, Xiang-Dong Kang, Ping Wang

-  Catalytic hydrolysis of ammonia borane for chemical hydrogen storage, Pages 56-63, Hai-Long Jiang, Qiang Xu

-  Dehydrogenation of ammonia borane catalyzed by in situ synthesized Fe–Co nano-alloy in aqueous solution, Pages 64-68, F.Y. Qiu, Y.J. Wang, Y.P. Wang, L. Li, G. Liu, C. Yan, L.F. Jiao, H.T. Yuan

-  Quasi in situ Mössbauer and XAS studies on FeB nanoalloy for heterogeneous catalytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane, Pages 69-75, Teng He, Junhu Wang, Tao Liu, Guotao Wu, Zhitao Xiong, Jie Yin, Hailiang Chu, Tao Zhang, Ping Chen

-  Zeolite framework stabilized nickel(0) nanoparticles: Active and long-lived catalyst for hydrogen generation from the hydrolysis of ammonia-borane and sodium borohydride, Pages 76-84, Mehmet Zahmakıran, Tuğçe Ayvalı, Serdar Akbayrak, Salim Çalışkan, Derya Çelik, Saim Özkar

-  Facile synthesis by polyol method of a ruthenium catalyst supported on γ-Al2O3 for hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane, Pages 85-92, Giovanni P. Rachiero, Umit B. Demirci, Philippe Miele

-  Hydrogen generation from the methanolysis of ammonia borane catalyzed by in situ generated, polymer stabilized ruthenium(0) nanoclusters, Pages 93-98, Huriye Erdoğan, Önder Metin, Saim Özkar

-  A mechanistic study of borohydride anodic oxidation, Pages 99-109, Kangli Wang, Juntao Lu, Lin Zhuang

-  Mass transport effects in the borohydride oxidation reaction—Influence of the residence time on the reaction onset and faradaic efficiency, Pages 110-119, Kênia S. Freitas, Belen Molina Concha, Edson A. Ticianelli, Marian Chatenet

-  Rotating disc electrode studies of borohydride oxidation at Pt and bimetallic Pt–Ni and Pt–Co electrodes, Pages 126-133, A. Tegou, S. Papadimitriou, I. Mintsouli, S. Armyanov, E. Valova, G. Kokkinidis, S. Sotiropoulos

-  Platinum-rare earth intermetallic alloys as anode electrocatalysts for borohydride oxidation, Pages 134-140, D.M.F. Santos, P.G. Saturnino, D. Macciò, A. Saccone, C.A.C. Sequeira

-  Metallocomplex-based borohydride electro-oxidation catalysts, Pages 141-147, Shin-ichi Yamazaki, Masaru Yao, Hiroshi Senoh, Zyun Siroma, Naoko Fujiwara, Tsutomu Ioroi, Kazuaki Yasuda

-  Improvements in direct borohydride fuel cells using three-dimensional electrodes, Pages 148-154, C. Ponce de León, A. Kulak, S. Williams, I. Merino-Jiménez, F.C. Walsh