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Dr. Yaovi HOLADE

Dr. Yaovi Holade graduated from University of Poitiers (France) completing his PhD in June 2015 with Prof. B. K. Kokoh and Dr. K. Servat in Chemistry within the main field of Electrocatalysis (Department of Chemistry, IC2MP, UMR 7285 CNRS). The research outputs were 18 articles, 3 book chapters and two best PhD thesis prizes (University of Poitiers and joint SCF/SFP’s Physical Chemistry Division).

From April to August 2014, he was PhD Research Mobility Fellowship in the research group of Prof. Evgeny Katz at Clarkson University (NY, USA) dealing with the engineering of abiotic biofuel cells for implantable applications such as pacemaker and wireless transmission systems.

In December 2015, he started a Postdoc at University of Utah (UT, USA) with Prof. Shelley Minteer wherein he was working on enzymatic cascade reactions and nanostructured materials for bio-electrochemistry tasks. Having passed the competitive exam for Permanent Assistant Professor, he resigned from his Postdoc position to return in France and to launch his independent academic career in September 2016 at ENSCM, where he teaches electrochemical science and makes research at IEM Montpellier. His research unites various strategies for the development of nanostructured materials with specific applications from energy conversion related topics to electrosynthesis and electroanalysis (visit his website below).

Since July 2019, he is the Head of the internship/corporate relations office at ENSCM. He is also the treasurer of the regional section of French Chemical Society (SCF-OM) for the 2019-2022 term, and have integrated the Executive Committee of the CNRS’ Research Group “GdR Or-nano” from January 2021 to co-lead the research axis “Reactivity at interfaces”.

Keywords: electrochemistry, electrocatalysis, nanomaterials, electrosynthesis, electrolyzers, (bio)fuel cells
ORCID: 0000-0002-8806-568X

  • Phone: +33 4 67 14 91 94
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