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Fuel cell to feed electro Fenton process

An original approach has been developed at IEM in the field of treatment of water loaded with biorefractory pollutants. This approach involves the use of a "zero-energy" system combining i) a fuel cell fed to the anode with carbohydrates (eg, sugars), and ii) a cathode fed by oxygen from the air to generate a current sufficient for the production of radicals that can be used for the mineralization of emerging pollutants.

The article "Design of a novel fuel cell-Fenton system: a smart approach to zero energy depollution" was recently published in "Journal of Materials Chemistry A"

And was selected for the cover of the journal:!issueid=ta004045&type=current&issnprint=2050-7488

Contact : Dr. Mikhael Bechelany, Prof. Marc Cretin