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Prof. David CORNU

David CORNU received his master degree in materials chemistry from the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France) in 1995, and his Ph.D. from the same university in 1998 (Laboratoire des Multimatériaux et Interfaces (LMI), Pr. H. Mongeot and CNRS senior researcher Dr. B. Bonnetot). After post-doctoral researches in the lab of Prof. M. F. Lappert (University of Sussex, Brighton UK), he obtained a position of Assistant Professor at the University Lyon 1 (LMI, Prof. P. Miele) in 1999. His research interests were boron chemistry, polymer-derived ceramics and nanowires/nanotubes. In 2000, he obtained an invited professor position at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Prague, Czech Republic, Senior Researcher Dr. B. Grüner). In 2008, he accepted a full Professor position at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier (ENSCM, France) and Institut Européen des Membranes (IEM). He is director of industrial relations and technology transfer office of ENSCM since 2012. His research activities are mainly focused on electrospinning and inorganic nanomaterials as building blocks to construct porous materials/membranes for health, energy and environmental applications.
He is currently the Director of IEM. 
ORCID : 0000-0002-5205-3038

  • Tél. : +33 (0)4 6714 **** / Fax : +33 (0)4 6714 9119
  • Courriel : david.cornu