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Séminaire Prof. DA COSTA - 28/9/2017

Joe DA COSTA, University of Queensland - Australia
13h45 - ENSCM - amphi Godechot

Carbon Mixed Matrix Membranes containing graphene and/or MOFs

Joe DA COSTA is the Director of the FIM2Lab “Functional and Interfacial Materials and Membrane Laboratory”, and a Professor in the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Currently he holds a Future Fellowship from the Australian Research Council. Joe has over 30 years working experience in industrial, consultancy and academic roles in Brazil, England and Australia. Currently, he leads several research projects in the area of H2, CO2, O2, ethanol separation and desalination using inorganic membranes and membrane reactors. His research is directed towards the application of clean energy delivery by applying the principles of functional nanotechnology to fabricate high quality membranes. The focus of his work is providing engineering solutions to real industrial applications. Joe has over 250 international publications including 13 book chapters on membranes and membrane reactors, a H-index of 37 and several patents. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer in the Colleges of Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering of the Institution of Engineers Australia.
Prof. Joe Diniz da Costa
Functional&Interfacial Materials and Membrane Lab
University of Queensland


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