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par Christelle FLOUTIER -

PhD position in polymer science
The European Institute of Membranes (IEM) located in Montpellier is looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic young researcher interested in polymer science. The project will focus on the synthesis of different block copolymers and the study of their phase behavior in membrane configuration.
Development of fouling-resistant smart membranes selective for protein separations is needed since separation of similar-sized proteins is not possible with the current commercial membranes. This project proposes a breakthrough in the design of membrane skin layer consisting of well-ordered stimuli-responsive pores, able to separate similar-sized proteins, surrounded by post-functionalizable gold nanorings. The nanorings will be templated from the self-assembly of linear ABC triblock terpolymers to form an out-of-plane core-shell cylindrical structure where the ring-shaped domains have a preferential affinity towards metallic precursors. After the deposition-reduction step, the gold nanorings, surrounding each uniform pore of the membrane, could easily be functionalized using thiol-terminated hydrophilic homopolymers. to prevent pore blockage.
In this project several aspects will be explored :
-  Synthesis of linear ABC triblock terpolymers and their characterization (NMR, SEC, etc.)
-  Self-assembly of linear ABC triblock terpolymers into nanostructured membranes (SEM, AFM, GISAXS, etc.)
-  Membrane performance (flux measurements, pore size and density, etc.)
A solid background in polymer chemistry and/or material science and a Master’s degree in Chemistry or related fields are expected from the candidate. Previous experiences in synthesis and polymer characterization are highly desired. Knowledge in membrane science and separation processes is beneficial.
CV, motivation letter and the name of a reference should be sent to