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Peer-reviewed articles

Articles are presented as: Article title; Authors; Periodical name, Volume, Pages, Published Year ; Impact Factor.
Each IEM’s author name is linked to his short homepage and each DOI is linked to the article on the Editor gateway.


178 articles :
Amyloid Growth, Inhibition, and Real-Time Enzymatic Degradation Revealed with Single Conical Nanopore Giamblanco, N; Coglitore, D ; Gubbiotti, A; Ma, TJ; Balanzat, E; JANOT JM ; (...)

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167 articles :
Study of Ceramic Membrane from Naturally Occurring-Kaolin Clays for Microfiltration Applications Sonia Rekik, Jamel Bouaziz, Andre DERATANI Semia Baklouti Periodica Polytech., (...)

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170 articles :
Phonon symmetries in hexagonal boron nitride probed by incoherent light emission T Q P Vuong1, G Cassabois1, P Valvin1, V Jacques1, A VAN DER LEE, A Zobelli3, K Watanabe4, T (...)

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165 articles :
Synthesis of Thermoresponsive Amphiphilic Polyurethane Gel as a New Cell Printing Material near Body Temperature Tsai, YC; LI SM ; Hu, SG ; Chang, WC; Jeng, US; Hsu, SH ACS (...)

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119 articles :
Highly efficient hydrophobic titania ceramic membranes for water desalination Kujawa, Joanna; CERNEAUX Sophie; Koter, Stanislaw; Kujawski, Wojciech; ACS applied materials & (...)

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120 articles :
From Natural to Bioassisted and Biomimetic Artificial Water Channel Systems BARBOIU M; Gilles, A. ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH Volume: 46 Issue: 12 Pages: 2814-2823 DOI: (...)

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